Fascinating motorcycle tour of Rome

With a breeze on a motorcycle on the most interesting places in Rome.

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This tour of Rome for all those who are not afraid of adrenaline, is ready to take risks, conquer and saturate their lives with new and new colorful emotions.
In such a short time you will be able to get acquainted with the main sights of historic Rome. See the city in full view, visiting the two observation platforms of Zodiaco and Gianicolo.
You will discover the indescribable beauty of this amazing city, which has preserved the history of many centuries, without leaving anyone indifferent.
Flexible payment system for the next hour + 30 + 20 + 20
There is nothing more beautiful, seeing Rome, get heavenly pleasure from adrenaline!

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- You will be able to visit the heart of the city, taking a walk around the Vatican Square, one of the few cities - states where the state language is Latin. You will see the greatness of this structure with its immense marble pillars and huge statues of God servants. Touching the scale of greatness, you remain shocked for life.
 - Of the seven main hills of Rome, which played an important role in its foundation, you will see the Palantia Hill. It was there that the border of the foundation of Rome was drawn. The beginning of the history of the triumphal city that grew into the Empire, which still bears the name of its legendary founder Romulus.
 - Become a witness to the unique entertainment of the Italians, thanks to the original geographic effect, with one glance to look through three states at the same time, being in one place.
 - Along the way, we will see a unique embodiment of the engineers of the first century of our era. The embodiment of maximalism and the genius of designers. The outstanding architectural monument of ancient Rome, the largest amphitheater of the ancient world. The unique Colosseum is a symbol of the greatness and power of the empire of Rome.
 - At the end of the tour you will visit the Piazza Venezia, where the huge cake “National Museum of Heritage” is located, built in honor of the unification of the whole of Italy. You will also see the altar of the fatherland with a huge monument to Victor Emmanuel II.

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