Excursion to Tivoli - Villa D’Este

Acquaintance with suburban villa D'Este and cascading fountains.

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fountains, frescoes and palace of the Cardinal "
Excursion to Tivoli with a Russian guide is an entertaining journey into the world of antiquity and the Renaissance. Tourists who come here admire the churches, magnificent views, old villas, ancient temples. Wonderful nature and amazing microclimate helps to find a sense of peace and harmony surrounded by antiquity.
One of the most popular towns in the suburbs - Tivoli, is located just 30 km from Rome, where we go with you. It is here that the extraordinary beauty of Villa D’Este is located, which, according to historians, inspired Peter I himself to create Peterhof.
- From time immemorial, the town of Tivoli was a favorite place of Roman aristocrats and emperors who decorated this city with luxurious villas with beautiful parks and gardens.

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- Villa D’Este - is an amazing place, unique beauty, harmoniously combining natural wealth - abundant waters, a variety of flowers and trees, combined with amazing fountains. The palace itself will surprise you with a variety of frescoes, wall paintings and ceilings in the style of the Renaissance. You will learn the legends that became the basis of its creation. We will tell about the owners of the palace, their passions, love and hate.
When entering the garden, you will have a unique view of the fountains and the panorama of the city of Rome. Going down the elegant stairs of Logoria, you will hear the melodious sounds of flowing water, see the striking beauty of the park and take many beautiful photographs. You will recognize all the names of the fountains, why they were named that way and what they mean.

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