Transfer Rome ( Fiumicino Airport) - Terme di Saturnia

A great place with thermal springs for a family vacation

Terme di Saturnia is very popular among tourists. This extraordinarily beautiful town has stunning views, here you can enjoy nature at a real thermal spring called Terme di Saturnia…

«… Transfer  Rome (Fiumicino Airport) - Terme di Saturnia »

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- The price is fixed (PER VEHICLE), indicated for all direct one way routes between Terme di Saturnia (hotel, B&B) and Rome (Fiumicino Airport).

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The thermal spring waters of Saturnia were measured to be 37,5°C, which is the perfect temperature for the optimal comfort of a person; you wouldn’t want to make it colder or warmer, it’s just perfect. This water has a relaxing effect on the body. These sulfurous springs contain carbon dioxide, mineral salts, as well as Bioglea - algae which grow at the bottom of water bodies. The yield of the source is incredible - more than 800 liters per second. Conditions: skin diseases (neurodermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, allergic dermatitis), diseases of the respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, digestive system, gynecological and genital diseases and disorders, circulatory disorders.


Not many people know that there is a freely accessible spring in Saturnia, which can be visited any time of the day. In that place, you don’t even pay for car parking. However, more and more people got to know about this place by word of mouth, which resulted in a flow of foreign tourists. This spring near an old mill is literally besieged by hordes of people, especially in summer. It is a real lottery to find a place to sit in one of the travertines near the waterfall. But don’t worry, the thermal spring at the mill becomes a river with mineral water and it is always possible to find some nice travertine in the riverbed, sit there facing the stream and enjoy the freshness.

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