"Eternal city" or "city on 7 hills"

Everyone knows that Rome since antiquity is called the "Eternal City" or "a city on 7 hills."

It is known that Rome since antiquity has been called the “Eternal City” or “City on 7 Hills”.

But what are the hills of Rome, where are they now, what are the names and sights of Rome located on them? Where to look for hills while walking in Rome? We answer these questions below.


And, of course, welcome to our excursions in Rome



The development of Rome began on the central hill - the Palatine. Next Eskwelin was settled, then - Quirinal and Capitol. The last settled in - Aventine, Viminal and Tsely. Thus, the townspeople had an annual holiday, celebrated on December 11 in honor of the seven-hemlock.

The height of the hills is about 50 meters in relation to the level of the Tiber River, and their slopes are mostly sloping. To protect Rome from the attacks of the barbarians, the Emperor Aurelian, who ruled in the III century, built a fortification - the Roman city walls 19 km long, masonry width 3.4 m and wall height 8 m; it was equipped with 18 gates and had 383 towers. The walls of Aurelianus have survived to this day, and they grop around the main hills of Rome.

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